How To Style Glitter Acrylic Earrings & Accessories

1 | How To Style Glitter Acrylic Earrings & Accessories

How To Style Glitter Acrylic Earrings & Accessories

Growing up I was never a girly girl, but the one thing that I absolutely loved was glitter. It's an absolute pain to get out of the carpet, and there's always stray pieces of it on your face days after you've worn it but there is something to be said about looking like a magical unicorn for a few hours on a weekend.

When creating Harlem Starlet I wanted to make sure that the pieces that I created were stuff that I could wear, without having to clean up mess, so here are a few ways to style our fun glitter pieces. Enjoy!

If your outfit is mainly black...

Personally I would wear a massive statement necklace, a pair of glitter heart studs and a fun belt to add a pop of colour. Black seems to be the go to colour for a lot of Melbournians, so adding a hint of colour to an outfit can really take it to the next level.

If you're going out drinking & dancing...

If you plan on hitting the dancefloor then you don't want something that's going to hit you in the face like a large pair of dangles or a statement necklace. Less is more in this situation, so I'd recommend a pair of stud earrings and maybe a fun belt to add a bit of sass to your night out.

If you're dressing for work...

Depending on your workplace you may be able to get away with anything (hello slippers instead of heels!) but if you work in a conservative office the most subtle way to jazz your outfit up without making it too bold is by wearing a pair of our mini heart dangles or a signature brooch. These are great talking points too, which could earn you extra points with your boss.