Let’s make a Statement Today – Know the Secrets to my Fan Following!

Let’s make a Statement Today – Know the Secrets to my Fan Following!

Let’s make a Statement Today – Know the Secrets to my Fan Following!

I have always believed in the fact that pairing jewelry with your outfit is an art and every fashionista needs to master it.

Allow me to lead you on to a short detour on how I pair my jewelry, especially my earrings with my dresses and let my fans do the ohh’s & aaw’s!

Which earrings do I choose to wear?

This earring or that earring? Read on to help you decide.

Studs are perfect for my everyday outfits, and more professional settings. They pair with almost anything.

Bold earrings make any outfit standout.  One of my secrets to getting noticed in any gathering is to highlight my face and only bold earrings can do this trick. For maximum effect, I pick earring colors that contrast with my hair color for the earring to show.

Today I am afraid, I gonna spill all my beans. Do y’all know that while wearing a bright outfit the best choice would be to keep it plain and simple with your jewelry?

Speaking of texture and statement earrings, the ones that instantly come to my mind is the Square Pride Rainbow Chain Acrylic Earrings at Harlem Starlet! When I crave all the attention to my gorgeous face, I make it a point to pair it with one of my outfits. It’s one of its kind metallic movement offers a unique feel and their color palette while keeping things simplistic and gorgeous, add a zest of color to the beholder’s eyes. The craze at parties I go to doesn't start until I walk in... with these earrings! I am obsessed with the fun and colorful pattern along with its unique geometric shape, plus the message that supporting the queer community is important to share always. These earrings are so effortlessly light-weight, you’ll barely know they’re there!

Stacked to perfection, are the Long Dangle Chain Heart Laser Cut Acrylic Earrings which are my personal favorites. These earrings are just the boost of fun whenever I crave it. The elongated miniature heart patterns are meant to flatter every jaw and neckline and add a positive vibe to even the most monotone outfits. I find myself reaching for these playful earrings in my closet, time and time again. They offer plenty of unique interest while remaining neutral enough to pair with almost everything in your closet. Try adding them to a cute dapper suit...you'll feel like a conqueror of hearts! 

My belief is that every outfit is unique to me when I put it on, and adding my own style can make a simple outfit really stand out. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and experiment with a look that reflects the inner, ‘you’. Accessories can often make an outfit, so use them to your advantage.

Most of the time, I accessorize with earrings and other jewelry, experimenting with different color combinations for the hottest look. Mixing warm and cool colors can be challenging, but not impossible! In fact, certain color contrasts can be absolutely awesome; and when paired with the perfect set of earrings, can be a one-of-a-kind look for you. 

Fashion is all about expressing yourself, so don’t be afraid to try new things! With the humungous collection of acrylic jewelry that Harlem Starlet offers, the passion that goes into the making of each piece of jewelry you just need to reach out and you will be saved from the predicament that every woman out there faces of what to wear and what not to wear.

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