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Long Dangle Earrings

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Long dangle earrings are the hottest trend in fashion right now and here at Harlem Starlet we have your earring needs covered.


Our dangle earrings are whimsical and fun while versatile as they can be dressed up or down with any kind of outfit. We have dangle earrings for the office, dangle earrings for going out, date night dangle earrings & festival dangle earrings.


Our square dangle earrings are modern and trendy with a hint of retro to them, and they come in a variety of colours including pink dangle earrings, purple dangle earrings, blue dangle earrings, red dangle earrings, white dangle earrings,  yellow dangle earrings, green dangle earrings, black dangle earrings, orange dangle earrings, rainbow dangle earrings, glitter dangle earrings, pastel dangle earrings & fun dangle earrings.

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